SHIFT  Decentralize the web.

SHIFT Decentralize the web.

From ICANN to hosting providers, from advertisers to social media, the Internet is getting privatized and centralized more and more. On the new web there is no censorship or discrimination due to its decentralized nature. The new web can do everything the old web can do. And much more. We are adressing two important issues: peer-2-peer content storage based on IPFS and direct monetization of services through the SHIFT blockchain. We don't charge a single bit, when you use the new web. No intrusive advertising, no tracking, no data gathering. Quite the opposite, you can even earn by hosting content and data for your peers. The new web allows anyone to profit from their work directly, either by securing the network as a Delegate in one of the 101 spots or as a Blockchain-App developer by earning the sidechain fees their Apps generate. No account? Create one here. Want to contribute to our project by donating? Go to our page donations to read more about our donation goals. Are you a developer? We would like to hear from you.

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